Tag Heuer Watches Movements

14All Tag Heuer self-winding movements are all following the great tradition of Swiss watchmakers and are made in Switzerland, and conform to the extremely harsh accuracy standards. The vibration frequency of the movement is very high (from 21600 times per hour to Calibre 36 movement of 36000 times, Calibre 360 even up to 360, 000 times per hour), to ensure excellent machinery precision. replica tag heuer uk has many automatic chain movement that have won the certification of Swiss government observatory (C.O.S.C.), which is the most authoritative certification on accuracy and reliability.

Tag Heuer Belt drive movement

Monaco V4 adopts the Belt drive movement in the wrist watch for the first time.

In 2009, with the successful invention of the belt drive system, tag heuer overturns the tabulation technology of the basic law again and what revolutionary changes it brought are two innovative technologies. First one replace the traditional mechanical movement with 5 the toothed belt of relay drive. The second innovation is recreating the traditional circular chain system with the avant-garde design. Linear pendulum no longer USES the rotation of the usual ways, but move up and down along the v-shaped clockwork box circuit, which is echoing with the design of the car engine with high performance.

The next one is the Calibre S movement. Calibre S movement through the two-way system provides innovative timing and reading methods. This replica watches has two-way system on the mechanical structure is relatively independent, but keep pace while running, and has the characteristics of accurate, practical and elegant. This movement perfectly combines the precision and complexity of the mechanical watch making of the quartz technology. Calibre S was the first of a new generation of analog meter pointer developed for centuries, which was composed of about 250 parts, and reflected the halfback tabulation tradition of Tag Heuer pursues.